Outsourcing Registers - Submission Requirements

As set out in the Cross-Industry Guidance on Outsourcing and associated Feedback Statement published in December 2021, the Central Bank of Ireland (the “Central Bank”) expects that each regulated financial service provider (RFSPs) will establish and maintain an outsourcing register.  The Central Bank has developed a template for recording all relevant outsourcing arrangements and for reporting purposes. 


All RFSPs whose PRISM Impact Rating is Medium Low or above (or its equivalent) are required to submit their completed reporting template to the Central Bank via the Online Reporting System (ONR). 

The completed Outsourcing Register return file should be uploaded in ONR at: https://onlinereporting.cbfsai.ie.

All other RFSPs should use the relevant industry template to guide the completion of their registers and be prepared to provide the register to supervisors on request or as part of a subsequent collection of registers by the Central Bank.

Template and Guidance Note

The Register Templates and associated Guidance Note, which includes instructions for completion and submission of the register for each sector via ONR are provided below:

Banking (LSIs)

LSI Outsourcing Register | xls 45 KB Guidance Notes Outsourcing Register Template LSIs | pdf 866 KB


Insurance Outsourcing Register | xls 44 KB Guidance Notes Outsourcing Register Template Insurance | pdf 867 KB

Payments & E-Money Firms

PMI-EMI Outsourcing Register | xls 45 KB Guidance Notes Outsourcing Register Template Payments & E-Money Firms | pdf 866 KB

Markets Firms

Investment Outsourcing Register | xls 48 KB Guidance Notes Outsourcing Register Template Markets Firms | pdf 886 KB

Contact Details for further Clarification and Queries

If you have any queries or require further clarifications, please direct these to [email protected].  Please keep your Central Bank Supervisory Contact in copy of any correspondence to the mailbox. 

Technical queries or issues relating to ONR access can be submitted through the 'submit a request' function on ONR.  Alternatively, you can contact the Online Reporting helpline at 01 224 4545 or email [email protected].