Insurance Corporations Statistics – Q1 2021

Publication date: 09 June 2021 

Key Points

  • Total assets of Irish resident Insurance Corporations rose by €15.7 billion to €396 billion during Q1 2021. Listed equity holdings and equity investment fund holdings were the largest drivers, responsible for a collective increase of €12 billion.
  • The €6.3 billion increase in listed equity holdings was mainly concentrated in €5 billion growth of equities issued by non-financial corporations (NFCs).
  • On the liabilities side, a €12 billion increase of unit-linked insurance technical reserves (**ITRs) was the largest contributor to the €15.7 billion increase in total liabilities for the sector.




Summary Charts

Chart 1: After declining in Q1 2020, Investment Fund (IFs) Shares continued their positive trend into Q1 2021.

Investment Funds 2016 – 2021

Chart 2: Since Q1 2020, growth in equity holdings has been concentrated in those issued by NFCs.Equity Assets 2016 - 2021

*Other includes pension funds and insurance corporations


Chart 3: **ITRs have increased steadily over the year to Q1 2021. The breakdown of ITRs between Unit-Linked, Non-Unit Linked and Non-Life has remained largely unchanged.

Insurance Technical Reserves 2016 - 2021

**ITRs are a liability on the balance sheet of an insurance corporation (IC). They are the funds an IC holds in reserve to cover their estimated claims. These are different to the asset insurance technical reserves and related claims.

Note: This statistical release references outstanding amounts for assets and liabilities of Insurance Corporations resident in Ireland.

Related Data Sets

Download the Insurance Corporation Statistics tables in CSV format.

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