Engaging with the Innovation Hub

A group of people around a table having a discussionThe Innovation Hub supports responsible innovation by engaging with eligible innovators and providing informal assistance on matters such as:

  • Requirements under the financial services regulatory frameworks (if applicable)
  • How we authorise and supervise under these frameworks (e.g. how to obtain a licence)
  • Potential regulatory issues that should be considered
  • Referrals to other business teams within the Central Bank where appropriate.

We review all engagement requests with the aim of helping as many businesses as possible.

The more developed your business model is, the more specific we can be on any informal guidance we provide.

Note: Central Bank of Ireland does not provide legal advice or statutory interpretation, guidance on business models or commercial development or financial assistance, and we do not offer endorsement for any fintech or regtech businesses.

Eligibility criteria

In order to engage with the Innovation Hub, your innovation must meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are a regulated entity using new technologies or innovation to develop or deliver products and services to customers.
  • You are a fintech start-up business but have not commenced operation under a licence from Central Bank of Ireland.
  • You wish to develop an innovative product/service that is new or significantly different from those currently available.
  • You wish to developer innovations that potentially provide a better outcome for investors and consumers.
  • You are exploring, developing or researching a new innovation/technology in an academic setting.

Note: Enquiries presented for commercial, networking or advertising purposes do not fall within the scope of the Innovation Hub and will therefore not be the subject of any follow up.

Engage with the Innovation Hub

Read our disclaimer for more information about what it means when you engage with the Innovation Hub.