Innovation Hub Disclaimer

The following applies when the Central Bank of Ireland Innovation Hub makes a statement to an individual or firm:

  1. The statement represents the informal view of staff, is not legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for such advice.
  2. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for any opinions expressed or information included in the statement.
  3. The statement is made to the individual/firm in question only and is specific to that individual’s/firm’s circumstances. It must not be shared with any other party (either in part or in full) without the Central Bank’s express permission. This does not prevent the individual/firm disclosing the statement to their legal advisers or auditors provided attention is drawn to this disclaimer.
  4. The statement does not represent an approval or endorsement of the individual’s/firm’s innovation. Neither the individual/firm, nor anyone acting on their behalf, may refer to the statement, either expressly or by implication, in a way that suggests that we have approved, endorsed, or otherwise accepted that the individual/firm or the individual’s/firm’s innovation complies with regulatory requirements. Responsibility for assessing compliance with regulatory requirements remains with the individual/firm in question.
  5. We are not bound by any statement made by the Central Bank Innovation Hub and we reserve the right to change our view. An individual/firm therefore relies on the statement at their own risk. Circumstances in which we may change our view include (without limitation):
    • Further consideration of the information provided
    • The receipt of further material information
    • A change in law that relates to the proposed innovation.
  6. The statement will not prevent the Central Bank from taking enforcement or other regulatory action if appropriate.
  7. The statement does not affect rights conferred on third parties (such as a firm’s clients).