Data and Analysis

We publish and provide data and commentary on a broad range of financial developments in Ireland. Our analysis assists policy makers, financial market participants and the public.

Public commitment on European Statistics by the ESCB

The Central Bank of Ireland maintains high quality standards as regards the production and dissemination of statistics. This is enshrined in the Public Commitment on European Statistics by the ESCB.

Statistics Cooperation with the Central Statistics Office

The Central Bank and Central Statistics Office (CSO) each collects, produces and disseminates statistics under the relevant EU and national law framework. The Central Bank and the CSO are both committed to enhancing collaborative mechanisms and ensuring the appropriate modalities of cooperation between them, and to delivering on the needs for a consistent, high quality suite of macroeconomic and financial statistics in Ireland. The Central Bank and CSO have established an Economic Statistics MoU, which outlines the responsibilities, working arrangements and a set of principles governing the relationship between the organisations.