Customer Charter and Action Plan

This Customer Charter is the Central Bank's public statement about the levels of service customers can expect when dealing with the various public services offered by the Central Bank.

Customer Charter and Action Plan 2020-2023 | pdf 644 KB

Our Mission

The Central Bank serves the public interest by maintaining monetary and financial stability while ensuring that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy.

Our Commitment to our Customers

The Central Bank is committed to providing a professional, efficient, and courteous service to all our customers, i.e. those members of the public who interact with us in order to receive a service.

We will strive to deliver high quality, easily accessible services at all times. We will treat all of our customers equally and make every effort to ensure that the services we provide reflect our customers' needs and expectations at all times during their engagement with us. We at the Central Bank commit ourselves to working together to maintain a workplace environment that encourages and supports the right to dignity at work. We respectfully ask that customers treat our staff with dignity and respect at all times. We reserve the right to cease interactions with customers who do not adhere to this request.

Written or Email Contact

  • All correspondence to our public facing services will be acknowledged within three working days 1 of receipt. All Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • In general, a full response to such correspondence will issue within 15 working days 2 or, where this is not possible, an interim reply will be given, explaining the reason for the delay and advising when a substantive response will issue. All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the Central Bank's complaints handling procedure and all Protected Disclosures will be dealt with in accordance with the Central Banks statutory obligations.
  • Replies will be in clear, plain language, free from jargon and technical terms as far as possible and in line with the Central Bank's obligations under the Official Languages Act 2003.
  • When responding in full, a contact name or section name, telephone number and email address will be included in all written correspondence.

Telephone Contact

  • Calls to our Public Enquiries; helpline will be answered promptly.

Visiting the Bank

  • All visitors to the Central Bank will be treated in a courteous manner and directed to their destination efficiently and promptly.
  • We will ensure that our public reception and meeting facilities are accessible and maintained to the appropriate Health and Safety standards.

Levels of Service to Expect when Dealing with the Central Bank

We recognise that different groups of customers will have different priorities and needs when dealing with the Central Bank and may require specific commitments regarding service levels. We have a designated Accessibility Officer available to assist with specific needs.

Customers with Disabilities

  • We will ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are identified and fully catered for. We will make every effort to ensure our buildings, services and the information we provide are fully accessible to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Any queries customers may have in relation to accessibility (eg: physical access, information provision and customer services) or universal design, will be dealt with by the Access Officer (see contact details below)

Services through Irish

  • We will make every effort to accommodate customers who wish to conduct their business through Irish.
  • We are committed to meeting our obligations under the Official Languages Act 2003 and, in particular, the commitments outlined in the Central Bank's Official Languages Scheme.

Websites and Publications

  • The Central Bank maintains a website that is designed to provide information on the Central Bank and its activities. We are committed to the ongoing maintenance and development of our website to ensure it is accessible, informative and up to date.
  • We will ensure that our publications are clear, seek to meet user needs and are available on our website.
  • We will maintain timely reviews of website content to ensure that it meets the needs of the public.

How Your Input can Contribute to the Improvement of our Services

We welcome and value your comments and suggestions on all aspects of our services. This allows us to tailor our services to fully meet customer needs and serve you better. Please, tell us your views, comments or suggestions using the contact facility on this website.

Tell us about the level of service you feel you have received, particularly if you feel that it failed to reach the standard you expected. Your feedback is important to help us do better the next time.

Customer Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with the service you have received and if the issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the staff member or section you have been dealing with, you can make a formal complaint to the Central Bank’s Complaints Officer (see contact details below).

The Complaints Officer will deal with your complaint properly, fairly and impartially in accordance with our Complaints Handling Procedure.

Customer Action Plan

Download the Customer Charter to read our action plan.

Customer Charter and Action Plan 2020-2023 | pdf 644 KB