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Please note: Our Visitor Centre will remain closed from 19 January for the installation of an exciting new exhibition to mark the 75th anniversary of the Central Bank launching in February.

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The Central Bank of Ireland’s Visitor Centre is situated in our headquarters in Dublin.

What’s on?

We are currently hosting two exhibitions:

  • Pounds, Shillings & Independence
    Pounds, Shillings & Independence explores the development of an independent Irish currency, following the establishment of Saorstát Éireann (the Irish Free State) in 1922.

    This exhibition celebrates the work of the Currency Commission, which was established in 1927 to design, issue, manage and control an entirely new and independent Irish currency.

    Visitors can learn how a uniquely Irish economic situation lead to the development of two separate sets of banknotes – the Ploughman’s series of notes and the Series A Banknotes – each with a unique design. 

    The exhibition also takes visitors on a journey through the development of the first Irish coinage, the Saorstát pound, whose designs are still renowned for their distinctive artistic qualities. The coins celebrate the natural symbols of Ireland and were designed by English artist Percy Metcalfe following a design competition. Visitors can view Metcalfe’s designs in a 3D print display of all the designs submitted.

    Visitors can then take a seat on our bespoke bench (built with shredded euro banknotes removed from circulation) and watch Mr Yeats & the Beastly Coins, a fascinating documentary film about the development of the coins and how they were received by the Irish public.
  • The Euro Exhibition
    The Central Bank of Ireland is delighted to host the European Central Bank’s Euro Exhibition until December 2017.

    The Euro Exhibition takes visitors on a tour of euro currency, from its beginnings back in history to the single currency we use today. The exhibition has several distinct elements, focusing on euro banknotes, euro coins, security features, the overall history of money and a kids’ corner for our younger guests.

    As you explore, you’ll discover a range of interactive features and games, which bring our currency to life. 

Individuals, Schools and Group Tours

Access to the Visitor Centre is free and is a truly fascinating experience for young people and adults. We are delighted to welcome both individual and group visitors.

Individual visitors are welcome to drop in at any time during our opening hours – 10:00-16:00 Monday to Friday, with last entry at 15:30. Our free leaflets will help you get the most from your visit and our staff are available to answer your questions.

For groups of 10 or more, please make arrangements in advance. Exhibition staff are on hand at all times to assist your group.

visitorcentre@centralbank.ie to arrange your visit.

Further Information

Tour capacity
20 visitors (maximum)



  • Visitors who have booked for a tour should arrive 15 minutes early to collect badges.
  • Tours are free and are 30 minutes  in duration.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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