Our Dockland Campus

Central Bank of Ireland Docklands building

The Central Bank’s Dockland Campus consists of

  • our new head office at North Wall Quay
  • and our nearby Spencer Dock building.

More than 1,400 people work at the eight-floor North Wall Quay building and approximately 300 staff at Spencer Dock. Elsewhere in Dublin, the Central Bank’s Currency Centre, where banknotes and coins are produced, is located in Sandyford.

The Central Bank was based in the Dame Street Tower from 1979 until 2017. We also had offices in the nearby Commercial Buildings, on College Green and in Iveagh Court, near Harcourt Street.

When the Central Bank needed more accommodation, it examined various options including investment in our existing city centre properties. It was finally decided the most cost effective option was to locate staff to the Dockland district.

The Central Bank bought a partially constructed building at North Wall Quay, for €7 million in 2012. Spencer Dock was an office block building the Central Bank had rented since 2008. In November 2015 the Central Bank purchased this building for €104 million. All staff in the existing city centre locations moved to the Dockland Campus in spring 2017.

The Central Bank completed the sale of its Dame Street buildings

Key principles that informed the architecture and design of North Wall Quay included maximising opportunities for

  • collaboration and sharing by staff
  • addressing environmental challenges
  • achieving very high energy and sustainability goals
  • reflecting the distinct and civic nature of the organisation.

The existing structural frame was largely maintained, with some structural additions and alterations to accommodate a new design. The total floor space of the building is circa 22,000 sq. metres.

Planning permission was granted by Dublin City Council in April 2014. The construction contract for North Wall Quay was awarded to Walls Construction Limited in May 2015.

The total development cost of the new building and moving staff to the Dockland Campus will be circa €140m (inclusive of VAT), in line with the budgeted figure. This figure includes all costs incurred in the project including site purchase, construction, furniture and fit out, IT, Security, Design Team, etc.

Although not all cost negotiations have concluded, as is standard in projects of this scale, the Central Bank can confirm that the total cost of the programme will be within the agreed budget. To date, the Central Bank has spent €127m on the programme.

This detailed breakdown shows total payments made and amounts due for payment in the project as at end of March 2017. All spend is broken down on a supplier basis.

On the conclusion of all cost negotiations a final detailed breakdown will be published confirming final spend.