Complaints against the Central Bank of Ireland

The Central Bank is committed to ensuring that our staff treat you with respect and courtesy at all times and we will endeavour to make sure that the appropriate person deals with your request when you contact us. In return, we expect that you treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

The Central Bank has a Customer Charter, which sets out the type and levels of services customers can expect when dealing with the various public services offered by the Central Bank.  As stated in our Customer Charter should you have any concerns about the services you have received or the manner in which the organisation has dealt with you, you may wish to lodge a complaint with us under our Complaints Handling Procedure.

For the purposes of this procedure, a complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by a member of the public/customer of the Central Bank relating to a service they have received from the Central Bank, as defined in the Customer Charter, and/or concerning their interaction with the Central Bank.

  • If you wish to make a complaint against a financial services provider

    While this procedure will not investigate complaints about regulated financial services providers, please view how to make a complaint against a Financial Service Provider for further information.

  • If you wish to make a Protected Disclosure

    While this procedure will not investigate Protected Disclosures received by the Central Bank, please view Protected Disclosures including Whistleblowing and Infringement reports for further information.

  • Other examples of complaints which do not fall under this procedure are included in the procedure itself.

How to make a complaint against the Central Bank

You can make a complaint in different ways:

  1. Complaints should, in the first instance, be submitted directly to the business area to which the complaint relates.
  2. Where a Complainant is unsure of the business area to which the complaint relates, the complaint can be sent to the Central Bank’s Complaints Officer (the Complaints Officer).

E-mail: [email protected]


Complaints Officer
Internal Governance Division
Central Bank of Ireland
PO Box 559
New Wapping Street
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1

Telephone: +353 1 224 6000

Submit a complaint using the form on the website

Where a complaint is received by phone, Complainants may be requested to confirm their complaint in writing.

In making a complaint to the Central Bank, please ensure the following information is provided:

  1. Name and Contact Details (email address, postal address and phone number)
  2. Business area/function or person (where relevant) dealt with
  3. Relevant dates/timeline
  4. Details of complaint
  5. Whether you have previously made a complaint on the issue to the Central Bank and, if yes, details of the complaint

Complaints Process

An overview of the complaints process and how it operated can be found in the Complaints Handling Procedure. In summary, there are three stages:

  • Stage 1 - Assessment/Processing of Complaint by Business Area – complaints to be resolved at a local level in the first instance.
  • Stage 2 - Where a Complainant remains dissatisfied with the response received from the business area, a request for examination can be submitted to the Complaints Officer.
  • Stage 3 - Where a Complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the examination, a request for appeal can be submitted to the Complaints Officer.Requests for appeal will be considered by a more senior member of staff and where the Appeal is merited, a suitably independent Reviewer will be appointed.

Complaints deemed to fall outside the scope of the Complaints Handling Procedure will be dealt with by the relevant business area and Complainants will be advised accordingly.

Timelines for Assessing Complaints

  • We will acknowledge all complaints within five working days.
  • We will assess your complaint and issue a reply within 40 working days of receipt of the original complaint.
  • If we are unable to conclude our assessment within this timescale, we will provide you with an update on progress and an estimate of our intended timescale for completion.

Disability Complaints Handling Procedure

The Central Bank also has a Disability Complaints Handling Procedure  in line with guidance from the National Disability Authority.