New Mortgage Lending - Data and Commentary

First introduced in February 2015, the Central Bank's mortgage market measures are aimed at enhancing the resilience of both borrowers and the banking sector. The measures set limits on the size of mortgages that consumers can borrow through the use of loan-to-value (LTV) and loan-to-income (LTI) limits. The measures are reviewed annually by the Central Bank. Financial institutions that advance at least €50 million of new mortgage lending in a six month period (January - June or July - December) are required to submit data to the Central Bank of Ireland. Based on this data, we publish and provide an overview of new lending under the mortgage market measures on an annual basis. The most recent overview of new mortgage lending in Ireland under the mortgage market measures can be found here.

New Mortgage Lending Data H12019 | xls 1188 KB New Mortgage Lending Data 2018 | xls 1055 KB