The role of the Statistics Department

The Statistics Department is the main compiler of Irish Financial Statistics, providing a high quality collection and analysis service to all our stakeholders through regular publications. For a schedule of our publications please view our Publications Calendar.

The Department collects, processes and analyses a large volume of regular statistical returns from a wide variety of market participants including credit institution, investment funds and special purpose vehicles. In total over 6,500 institutions report information to the Statistics department.

The Department uses this data to:

  • compile and analyse monetary and financial statistics for use by the Bank, international organisations, Government departments and the banking sector
  • meet our legal obligations to the ECB
  • disseminate information on the financial sector
  • analyse economic developments
  • provide data to the ECB for use in formulating policy decisions
  • provide data to the CSO for the compilation of national accounts and balance of payment statistics

The core outputs of the Department fall into three main areas:

ECB Requirements

The Statistics Department provides data for inclusion in:

  • the Eurosystem money and credit aggregates
  • MFI Interest Rates (MIR) statistics; monthly money market funds
  • balance of payments and international investment position
  • Quarterly Financial Accounts (QFA) and investment funds

Statistic Department staff also actively participate in Eurosystem Working Groups.


ECB Statistics Video

You can view here an ECB video on statistics:

Economic Analysis

The Statistic Department publishes and provides commentary on a broad range financial developments in Ireland. Publications include the Monthly Statistics, a quarterly report on sectoral developments in private sector credit, investment funds, securities issues and quarterly financial accounts.

The department also contributes to the Bank’s Quarterly Bulletins and provides analysis of developments in the financial sector for senior management and the Board.

Our statistical analysis provides a key impact to the decision-making of other policy makers, financial market participants and the public. The Department compiles and publishes an annual report on motor insurance statistics.

Providing a statistical service to our stakeholders

The Department also handles a wide variety of queries and requests for data from Government Departments, financial institutions and the public. The statistical series published by the Department can be accessed via the links on the left hand side of this page.

Public commitment on European Statistics by the ESCB

The Central Bank of Ireland maintains high quality standards as regards the production and dissemination of statistics. This is enshrined in the Public commitment on European Statistics by the ESCB.  For further information please see here.