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Approved Prospectuses

On from 21 July 2019, the Central Bank of Ireland will publish on its website a list of all prospectuses it has approved, including a hyperlink to a dedicated website section provided by the issuer. The issuer has the choice to publish the prospectus either on (i) its website, (ii) the website of the financial intermediaries placing or selling the securities or (iii) the website of the regulated market or multilateral trading facility where admission to trading is being sought.

The prospectus shall be published on the dedicated website section alongside any supplements, final terms and/or documents incorporated by reference for a period of at least ten years.

It is the responsibility of the issuer to maintain the publication of these documents and to inform the Central Bank of Ireland if there is any change in the hyperlink to the dedicated website section on which they are available.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing hyperlinks, please contact markets@centralbank.ie.

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CITYCON TREASURY B.V. - €2,500,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme (24 June 2021)

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