ESMA provides overview of NCAs’ declared compliance status with Guidelines

ESMA Guidelines and Recommendations

Date: 19 November 2018

On 7 November 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published an overview of the compliance status declared by national competent authorities (NCAs) as regards the application of ESMA guidelines in their respective jurisdictions.  

The Compliance with Guidelines – Overview Table made available today is a compilation of individual guidelines compliance tables, already available on ESMA’s website, and provides an overview of the level of compliance declared by NCAs with ESMA guidelines. The guidelines listed in the table were adopted under Article 16 of Regulation 1095/2010 (ESMA Regulation). Article 16(3) requires NCAs to inform ESMA whether they comply, intend to comply or do not comply with guidelines issued by ESMA. In case an NCA does not comply or does not intend to comply with particular guidelines, it must inform ESMA about its reasons. The reasons for non-compliance as well as any other relevant information provided by NCAs are directly accessible in the Overview Table.