ESMA registers Moody’s Investors Service (Nordics) AB as credit rating agency


Date: 23 August 2018

On 13th August 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s direct supervisor of credit rating agencies (CRAs), registered Moody’s Investors Service (Nordics) AB as a CRA under the CRA Regulation.

The registration takes effect from 13 August 2018. Moody’s Investors Service (Nordics) AB is based in Sweden and intends to issue sovereign and public finance ratings, structured finance ratings and corporate ratings.

The CRA Regulation seeks to ensure that credit ratings issued in the EU respect minimum standards of quality, transparency and independence by providing that only companies registered by ESMA as CRAs may lawfully issue credit ratings which can be used for regulatory purposes by credit institutions, investment firms, insurance and reinsurance undertakings, institutions for occupational retirement provision, management companies, investment companies, alternative investment fund managers and central counterparties.