Central Bank published revised AIF Rulebook and Twenty-Ninth Edition of the AIFMD Q&A


Date: 14 March 2018
In issue 3 (2018) of Markets Update, published on 7 February 2018, the Central Bank published a notice of intention to amend the requirements for loan origination Qualifying AIF set out in the AIF Rulebook.  The notice highlighted the intention that the changes would be effective from 7 March 2018.  On 14 March 2018 the Central Bank published the revised AIF Rulebook together with the twenty-ninth edition of the AIFMD QA.   Questions  ID 1079, ID 1081, ID 1117 and ID 1118 are deleted and question ID 1119 is amended as a consequence of the amendment to the AIF Rulebook.  A new question, ID II28, is included.