Daily Credit and Debit Card Statistics

This high-frequency daily Credit and Debit Data captures expenditure of euro-denominated credit and debit cards issued to Irish residents. The dataset consists of total daily debit and credit card spending and ATM withdrawals, while from 1 October 2020, expenditure in a number of key sectors of the economy, and a split of online and in-store spending is also available.

Key Points - Updated on 22 October 2021

  • Card spending in the week to Sunday 17 October decreased by 3 per cent, or €50 million, when compared to the previous week.
  • Spending in October to date (to 17 October) was 13 per cent, or €469 million, higher than the same period in October 2020.
  • The sole sector to record a week-on-week increase was the transport sector, rising by 3 per cent; all other sectors declined in comparison to the previous week.

Chart 1: Daily card spending and cash withdrawals activity

Card spending and cash withdrawals activity

Chart 2: Changes in sectoral spending

Weekly Change Card Spending by Sector

Related Data Set

Table A.13.2 Daily Card Payments Data | xls 121 KB

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A more detailed aggregated monthly publication of the card payments data is available at the link below


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