Q3 2018 Charts and Data

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Chart Pack

Net Lending/Borrowing of all Sectors

Chart 1.1 Net Lending-Borrowing of all Sectors

Private Sector Debt to GDP

Chart 2.1 Private Sector Debt to GDP


Household Net Worth

 Chart 3.1 Household Net Worth

Household Debt

Chart 3.2 Household Debt 

Household Debt Indicators

 Chart 3.3 Household Debt Indicators


Cross Country comparison of Most Highly Indebted EU Countries, 2016 Q3-2018 Q3

Chart 3.4 Cross Country Comparison 

Household Transactions in Financial Assets, Four Quarter Moving Average

chart 3.5 Household Transactions in Financial Assets 

Household Deposit Transactions with MFIs and Government, Four-Quarter Moving Average

Chart 3.6 Househole Deposit Transactions 

Household Saving Decomposed by Use, Four-Quarter Moving Average

 Chart 3.7 Household Saving


NFC Debt

Chart 4.1 NFC Debt 

Financing of NFC Loans

Chart 4.2 Financing of NFC Loans


Cross-Country Comparison of NFC Debt as a Percentage of GDP

Chart 4.3 Cross Country Comparison of NFC Debt


Government Debt

Chart 5.1 Government Debt


Government Net Financial Wealth

Chart 5.2 Government Net Financial Wealth 

Cross-Country Comparison of Government Net Financial Wealth as a Percentage of GDP

Government Wealth Cross Country Comparison

NFC Balance Sheet


NFC Debt Sustainability


NFC Loan Counterparting


NFC Transactions