Staff Policies

Staff Policies

We recognise the importance of having a comprehensive suite of policies to support delivery of our organisational strategy, comply with legislative requirements and follow best practice in people management and development activities. 

Our policies also provide insight into our organisational culture, work environment and working arrangements.  Here are some of the key policies (subject to ongoing review and amendment) which may be of interest as you consider a career with us.

Culture and Work Environment

We have an open and supportive culture that we describe as "One Bank", where we work as a collective towards our stated Mission,  "The Central Bank of Ireland serves the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and by working to ensure that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy". We are proud of the work that we do and we enshrine our culture in a number of relevant policies:

Absenteeism Management Policy | pdf 322 KB Carer's Leave Policy | pdf 337 KB Child Protection Policy | pdf 285 KB Child Safeguarding Statement | pdf 412 KB Dignity at Work Policy | pdf 551 KB Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement | pdf 2816 KB Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace Policy | pdf 486 KB Health & Wellbeing at Work Policy Statement | pdf 240 KB Leave for Personal Circumstances Policy | pdf 522 KB Parents Leave Policy | pdf 697 KB Recognition Policy | pdf 493 KB Sick Leave and Sick Pay Policies | pdf 744 KB Smoke-free Workplace Policy | pdf 247 KB Talent Acquisition Policy | pdf 1045 KB Volunteering Policy | pdf 444 KB

Learning and Development

Supporting employees to develop their careers within the Central Bank is really important to us. We offer an excellent variety of career support options, starting on day one.

Academic and Professional Training Scheme Policy | pdf 600 KB Coaching Policy | pdf 570 KB


We offer our employees an attractive remuneration package, which comprises base pay and a range of benefits. A defined benefits pension scheme is available to new employees who become members of a Career Average Re-Valued Earning (CARE) strand of the Scheme.

Our remuneration is informed by general public sector pay policy and our terms and conditions of employment are covered by the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) legislation.

Annual and Flexi Leave Policy | pdf 281 KB Career Break Scheme | pdf 55 KB On-site (Single Supervisory Mechanism) Allowances Policy | pdf 337 KB Overtime Regulations for Professional & Administrative Staff | pdf 527 KB Retention Policy | pdf 234 KB Staff Categories, Salary Scales and Salary Bands | pdf 366 KB Staff Numbers and Costs at Year end 2012 to 2016 | pdf 460 KB


Additional policies that are applicable to our employees are: 

Code of Ethics | pdf 1276 KB Fraud Policy | pdf 430 KB GDPR-Data Protection Privacy Notice | pdf 874 KB Internal Whistleblowing Policy | pdf 368 KB Mediation Policy | pdf 464 KB Obligations under Section 33AK Central Bank Act 1942 | pdf 250 KB Policy on Receipt of Business Hospitality and Gifts | pdf 137 KB Probation Policy | pdf 670 KB Travel Policy 2018 | pdf 1007 KB