Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work

As part of our vision of being a fulfilling workplace for our people, in 2017 the Central Bank of Ireland embarked upon a three-year process towards becoming certified as a Great Place to Work.

In 2018, this continuous improvement process moved into Year 2 with a submission of a further Culture Audit Management Questionnaire on the people-related, policies and practices at the Central Bank and staff participation in the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey.

The survey is an assessment of employee experience across the following five key dimensions:

  • Credibility
    Do employees see management as credible, believable and trustworthy?
  • Respect
    Do employees feel respected and supported to be at their best in the workplace?
  • Fairness
    Do employees believe that they are treated in a fair and equitable manner?
  • Pride
    Do employees feel proud of their own work, the work of their team, and proud of their organisation overall?
  • Camaraderie
    Do employees believe their organisation has a culture where colleagues are friendly, supportive, and welcoming?

An organisation can only be considered a Great Workplace if the majority of its employees are in a High Trust relationship with their employer.

Therefore two-thirds of Great Place to Work’s assessment into whether to accredit the Central Bank of Ireland is based on the results of the Trust Index Survey.

The Culture Audit, which indicates that the Central Bank performs well in terms of the tools we have in place to support staff, accounts for one-third of the total assessment.

Trust Index Survey results

The Trust Index survey was completed by Central Bank of Ireland staff in November 2018 with all responses being confidential and anonymous.

75% of staff participated in the survey, which is considered a good response rate and gave a confidence level in the data of 99.9%.

The overall result of the survey was 56% positive responses based on the Great Place to Work methodology.

In order to become certified as a Great Place to Work the Central Bank will need to reach 70% in future surveys.

Both the submission and the staff survey highlighted many positive aspects of working in the Central Bank.

These included learning and career development supports, aspects of work/life balance, diversity and corporate social responsibility.

However, the survey also highlighted several areas for improvement and the Central Bank is committed to addressing these in a sustainable way over the coming years.

Great Place to Work - Trust Index Survey | pdf 1811 KB Great Place to Work - Culture Audit | pdf 2907 KB

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