Retail Intermediary Roadshow 2021

When 24 November 2021 9:30 AM
Where WebEx

The Central Bank is hosting our virtual roadshow for Retail Intermediaries and related representative bodies. The event is taking place from 9.30am to 1pm virtually via WebEx.

The Roadshow will provide a good opportunity for Retail Intermediaries to obtain information on a variety of relevant topics. There will be presentations followed by questions and answers sections on a range of topics, including: the Central Bank’s Strategy, Climate Change / Sustainable Finance and your business, how we supervise the sector and what that means for your firm (from authorisation through supervision and where necessary, enforcement).

As well as the Central Bank’s expectations on key areas such as the importance of a Consumer Focused Culture, and advice on areas such as anti-money laundering rules, cyber security and protected disclosures, amongst other topics.

Please note, this is a closed event open to Retail Intermediaries only.

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