Financial Industry Forum 

Financial Services Forum

One of the central themes of the Central Bank’s strategy is to be “open and engaged”.

By being open and engaged we can build dialogue with our stakeholders, learn about issues of importance and work to address them.

This helps us to strengthen trust in the financial system and foster a wider understanding of our role.

Financial Industry Forum

To become more open and engaged with our stakeholders in the financial sector we established the Financial Industry Forum.  

The Financial Industry Forum provides an opportunity for the Central Bank to meet regularly with industry representatives from across Ireland’s financial sector.

The Forum focuses on cross-sectoral issues of strategic importance for the financial system in Ireland.

It meets twice a year and is chaired by the Governor of the Central Bank and its membership composes of representative bodies from across the financial industry. 

The Forum will be reviewed each year, with the first review taking place at the end of 2023.

Financial Industry Forum - Subgroups

The Financial Industry Forum is focused on strategic discussion and identifying high-level issues of importance.

In order to look at these issues in more detail, member organisations also participate in three Subgroups, chaired by Central Bank senior leaders.

These Subgroups meet twice a year with membership drawn from participants nominated by the Forum’s member organisations.

  • Domestic Subgroup The Domestic Subgroup focuses on the regulatory framework, policy and emerging trends for firms servicing domestic markets.
  • International Subgroup The International Subgroup focuses on the regulatory framework, implementation of policy and emerging trends relevant to firms servicing international market.
  • Innovation Subgroup The Innovation Subgroup focuses on how regulation can enable innovation across Irish financial services.

Financial Industry Forum

Terms of Reference

Read the full Terms of Reference for the Financial Industry Forum and the Subgroups:

Financial Industry Forum and Subgroup meeting summaries

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