Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Forum

Governor Gabriel Makhlouf: All policymakers – including central banks – need to consider how climate change affects their mandates.

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The Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Forum (Climate Forum) is a consultative forum. It aims to build a shared approach between the financial sector and Central Bank of Ireland in understanding and managing the financial risks and opportunities posed by climate change. Following a call for interest in membership of the forum, the first meeting was held on 29 June 2022.  The Climate Forum meets twice yearly and is chaired by Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor, Financial Regulation, Central Bank of Ireland.

Forum participants include:

  • Climate change experts
  • Representative bodies
  • Regulated firms
  • Representatives from the Central Bank

The Climate Forum addresses high-priority climate-related issues where cross-sectoral input would be valuable, and seeks to provide a framework within which industry can progress work to address these issues. The Climate Forum seeks to address the following broad issues:

  • Building a shared knowledge and understanding of the implications of climate change for the Irish economy and financial system
  • Sharing/publishing good practices on climate risk assessment and modelling
  • Building a shared understanding of data gaps, and how to address them
  • Sharing/publishing examples of good practice on embedding climate-related risk assessment and sustainable finance considerations within firms’ operations. 

Further supporting the work of the Climate Forum, two industry-led working groups on Risk Management and Capacity Building were established at the end of 2022. In March 2024, the working group on Capacity Building issued a report on the status of climate-related capacity building across financial market participants in Ireland, international practices, and recommendations to enhance capacity building in this area.

Remarks by Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery - Climate Forum Capacity Building Working Group

Capacity Building Working Group Report

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Call for Interest in Membership

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