Open House 2017 at the Central Bank of Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland continued its association with the Irish Architecture Foundation by participating in Open House 2017 on Saturday 14 October. This was our first Open House since moving to our Dockland Campus.

Members of the public, selected by lottery from hundreds of applicants, visited the North Wall Quay building for a guided tour.  Guides from architects Henry J Lyons led tours, supported by Central Bank volunteers.

Project Manager Pete Sheil who led the event, commented: “The success of the event was due to the hard work of our staff volunteers, the Irish Architecture Foundation and their volunteers, and our architect partners Henry J Lyons.” 

Pete continued: “It was great to participate in Open House again.  I was at Dame Street when it opened in 1979, and I was involved in six Open Houses there, so it was fantastic to be here for the first session in North Wall Quay.”

The response to the event has been extremely positive, with 91% of respondents to a feedback survey rating the event as “excellent”, while the remaining 9% rated it as “very good ”.

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