Reserve Requirements

Minimum reserves are an important part of the Central Bank's monetary policy operational framework. They are designed to ensure the stabilisation of money market interest rates and to create or enlarge a structural liquidity deficit.

The amount of reserves to be held by each institution is determined by its reserve base. In order to ensure money market rates are stabilised, institutions can make use of averaging provisions when it comes to fulfilling reserve requirements. This means that compliance with these requirements is determined on the basis of institutions’ average daily holdings of reserves over the maintenance period, which is usually around six weeks. Institutions can therefore smooth the effects of temporary liquidity fluctuations.

Required reserves are remunerated at the main refinancing operation rate. Reserves held in excess of requirements i.e. excess reserves, are remunerated at zero per cent or the deposit facility rate, whichever is lower.

Minimum Reserve Maintenance Period and Remuneration Rate

Maintenance Period: 2 November 2022 - 20 December 2022
Remuneration Rate
(on required reserves):