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Last updated: 22 October 2020

The Central Bank of Ireland Portal launched in August 2020, specifically for use by institutions in Insurance Undertakings (Life, Non-Life & Reinsurance). The Portal will roll out on a phased basis to other sectors from Q1 2021.

The Central Bank is committed to simplifying how institutions engage with us on a range of services. In this initial launch, the Portal allows authorised users to view information relating to your institution; notify the Central Bank of required changes to that information; and communicate with the Central Bank regarding these changes via Portal messages. Over time, the Portal’s offering will expand to include additional regulatory and statistical services, including Industry Levy Management, Online Returns, and Fitness & Probity applications amongst other services.

Visit this page for the latest communications on roll out plans and future capabilities.

Recent Communications

Communication from Securities and Markets Supervision Directorate (October 2020) | pdf 676 KB Communication from Registry of Credit Unions (October 2020) | pdf 89 KB Communication from Investment Banks and Broker Dealer Supervision (October 2020) | pdf 171 KB Communication from Consumer Protection Directorate (October 2020) | pdf 166 KB Communication from Banking Supervision Division - Less Significant Institutions (October 2020) | pdf 146 KB Communication from Asset Management Supervision Divison (October 2020) | pdf 152 KB Communication from Anti Money Laundering Division (October 2020) | pdf 146 KB

Archived Communications

Communication for Insurance Undertakings (August 2020) | pdf 567 KB Communication for Insurance Undertakings (July 2020) | pdf 654 KB Communication for Insurance Undertakings (June 2020) | pdf 163 KB

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