Industry Funding Levy Information for High Cost Credit Providers 

Category G - High cost credit providers

High cost credit providers will be charged a levy comprising a flat element plus a variable element, set as a percentage of reported turnover from regulated activity that exceeds a threshold.  These flat and variable elements will be determined annually. 

Levy Calculation

The levy for high cost credit providers will be calculated as set out in Table 1 below:

Table 1


Minimum Levy plus Variable Levy

High cost credit providers

Minimum Levy

Variable Levy


High cost credit providers


Variable Levy (V) is calculated as follows:

(A - B) x C


A = firms’ turnover reported to the Central Bank in section 6.2 of the most recently received Renewal Application for the entity.

B = threshold level of total ‘Turnover’ of €60,000;

C = variable levy rate of 1.178%.

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