Industry Funding Levy Information for Investment Funds - E1a and E1b

As set out in Table 1 below, all investment funds authorised by the Central Bank shall be liable to pay a minimum levy of €6,320. Umbrella funds will also pay a contribution per sub-fund of €475 up to ten sub-funds and a further levy of €315 on sub-funds numbers greater than ten, to a maximum of twenty sub-funds, resulting in a maximum contribution for umbrella funds of €14,220.

Table 1


Minimum Levy plus Contribution per Sub-fund

Investment Funds

Minimum Levy (Single & Umbrella Funds

2-10* sub-funds

(Umbrellas only)

11-20* sub-funds

(Umbrellas only)


Authorised UCITS;

Authorised Unit Trusts;

Authorised Investment Companies (Designated and non-Designated);

Authorised Investment Limited Partnerships;

Authorised Common Contractual Funds

Authorised Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles (ICAV)






€475 per sub-fund



€315 per sub-fund


UCITS Self-Managed Investment Companies (SMICs);

UCITS Self-Managed ICAVs;

Authorised Designated Investment Companies (Internally

Managed Alternative Investment Funds);

Authorised Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles (Internally Managed AIF ICAVs);


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