Revocations Process for Credit Servicing Firms 

This section sets out the requirements of the Central Bank where a Credit Servicing Firm proposes to seek voluntary revocation of their authorisation.

Firms seeking to apply for a voluntary revocation need to ensure that their customers are not negatively affected by the process. Requests for voluntary revocation should be submitted to the Central Bank by completing the Application Form below and submitting it together with all of the required supporting documentation to the Central Bank at the email address provided on the Application Form.  The Central Bank has developed a ‘Guide to Voluntary Revocations’ to assist you with submitting a complete Application Form. Please ensure you read this guide before starting to complete the Application Form, in order to ensure you complete it correctly and fully. Incomplete applications will not be processed and may be returned thereby potentially exposing your firm to increased regulatory levies and/or other levies by reason of the delay in the removal of the firm’s name from the Central Bank’s registers of regulated firms. The authorisation/registration held by your firm can be checked on the Central Bank’s registers.

Credit Servicing Firms fall to be regulated under Part V of the Central Bank Act 1997 (“CBA 1997”)

Please ensure that all sections of the Application Form are completed. Any queries in relation to the revocation process should be addressed to [email protected].

If you have any queries regarding any outstanding regulatory levies due by the firm to the Central Bank, please contact our Billing & Collections section at [email protected].

All Credit Servicing Firms are obliged to comply with the requirements imposed on them under CBA 1997 and the Consumer Protection Code in relation to their business generally and in relation to the cessation of business.  If you are in any doubt about the obligations of the firm in that regard, you may wish to take legal or other professional advice. 

Voluntary Revocation Form | doc 2225 KB Guide to Voluntary Revocations | pdf 417 KB