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For questions relating to the authorisation process, please direct your query as follows:

Email address  Type of query
 [email protected]
  • Derogation requests for UCITS, ELTIFs, Retail Investor AIFs and Qualifying Investor AIFs
  • Pre-submissions or ad-hoc authorisation related submissions related to UCITS, ELTIFs, Retail Investor AIFs and Qualified Investor AIFs
  • General queries relating to the funds authorisation process
 [email protected]
  • Submission of applications for fast-track clearance of investment managers
  • Submission of updates to investment managers previously cleared by the Central Bank
  • General queries relating to the investment manager clearance process
 [email protected]
  • Submission of UCITS merger applications
  • General queries in relation to the UCITS merger process
[email protected]
  • General queries relating to funds post-authorisation processes
 [email protected]
  •  Initial submission of fund applications via ORION and Central Bank of Ireland Portal
  • Authorisation/Approval day process for QIAIFs, RIAIFs, UCITS and ELTIFs
 [email protected] Submission of applications for revocation of authorisation/approval
 [email protected] 
  • General queries relating to fund and fund management company supervision
  • Submissions related to capital contributions for fund management companies 

For questions relating to a filing made on the Central Bank’s Portal, please send a Message on the Portal in the context of the specific Request Change.