The position holder must register with the Central Bank prior to submitting its first notification required under Articles 5 – 8 of the Short Selling Regulations.

Registration Instructions

  • To register, the position holder must
    • Complete the registration form and
    • Submit a signed, scanned copy of the form by email to
    • Include any applicable documentation as referred to on the form (Note: The registration will not be processed without this)

    at least two business days prior to submission of its first notification.

  • An identifier code will be emailed to the position holder on completion of the registration.
  • Notifications submitted to the Central Bank without a valid identifier code will be rejected.

Notification Instructions 

Notifications in accordance with Articles 5, 7 and 8 of the Short Selling Regulations should be made using the appropriate form.  Note: On 16 March 2020 ESMA issued a decision to temporarily require the holders of net short positions in shares traded on a European Union regulated market to notify the relevant national competent authority if the position reached or exceeded 0.1% of the issued share capital of the company concerned.  The measure was imposed initially for three months and was subsequently renewed.  The measure expires on 19 March 2021.   Therefore the last date to which the lower notification threshold of 0.1% applies will be to positions held as at 19 March 2021.  Full details of the measure are set out on ESMA's website.

  • The completed notification form should be submitted to by 15.30 on the following trading day.
  • The relevant time for calculation of the net short position is midnight at the end of the trading day on which the natural or legal person holds the relevant position.
  • The notification form must be submitted in excel format. A valid identifier code must be included on the notification form.
  • Where a previously submitted notification form contains an error, a cancellation form should be submitted. A new notification form should be submitted to reflect the correct information, if necessary.
  • Where a notification form is rejected it is the responsibility of the position holder to submit an amended notification form to ensure compliance with its obligations under the Short Selling Regulations.

Public Disclosure of Information on Net Short Positions in Shares

  • Details of significant net short positions in shares are published here
  • The “Data Publication” section of the notification form must be completed to indicate that public disclosure is required.

Information on Exempted Shares and Net Short Position Notification Thresholds for Sovereign Issuers

  • A list of exempted shares pursuant to Article 16(2) of the Short Selling Regulations is available on ESMA’s website
  • A list of thresholds applicable to sovereign issuers for the purpose of the notification to competent authorities of significant net short position in sovereign debt pursuant to Article 7(2) of the Short Selling Regulations is also available on ESMA’s website.

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