Reviews and Research 

As part of the Central Bank’s compliance monitoring we conduct consumer protection research and reviews such as:

Consumer Protection Bulletin - Motor Insurance - 20 April 2017 | pdf 1331 KB Mortgage Switching Research – April 2017 | pdf 1457 KB Information on the Bank Charges Approval Process May 2014 | pdf 784 KB Discussion Paper on Payment of Commission to Intermediaries | pdf 1242 KB An Experimental Investigation of Personal loan Choices | pdf 2665 KB Consumer Protection Bulletin- Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears 20 May 2016 | pdf 1551 KB PRICE LAB - An Investigation of Consumers’ Capabilities With Complex Products | pdf 2325 KB Complaints Handling within Regulated Financial Services Firms-Consumer Research. | pdf 10028 KB Consumer Protection Bulletin-Personal Credit | pdf 2200 KB Renewal of Private Health Insurance -Consumer Research | pdf 2034 KB Feedback on Desk Based Review on Governance of Errors’ processes Within Banks and Insurers | pdf 248 KB Consumer protection Bulletin - Current Accounts and Switching | pdf 1763 KB Update to Personal Current Account Profiles - Consumer Protection Directorate | pdf 657 KB Summary Report of the Payment Protection Insurance Review | pdf 483 KB Report on the Licensed Moneylending Industry November 2013 | pdf 1014 KB An overview of errors notified to the Central Bank by insurance companies | pdf 1238 KB An overview of errors notified to the Central Bank by credit institutions | pdf 1449 KB Research highlights positive experience of borrowers who engage in Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process | pdf 373 KB A review of personal current account charges | pdf 1635 KB Desk Based Review of Tracker Rate Mortgage Switches | pdf 299 KB European Communities (Payment Services) Regulations2009 (S.I. NO.383 of 2009) | pdf 1865 KB Review of Transparency of Personal Current Accounts | pdf 389 KB Concerns about Sales of Investment Products | pdf 22 KB A Report on the Licensed Moneylending Industry | pdf 186 KB