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Notice I COVID-19 and Pre-approval Controlled Functions (PCF)

Find out how regulated firms should manage Pre-approval Controlled Functions (PCFs) vacancies at this time. Learn more in the COVID-19 Hub. (23 April 2020)


May 2022

Further to the Amending Regulations and related Feedback Statement published on 5th April 2022:

The In-Situ Returns process opens on ONR from Wednesday 18 May for a six week period.  All firms are to use the below file to submit their returns.  Closing date is 30 June 2022.

PCF In-Situ Return File to be used when submitting PCF In-Situ Return 2022 Regulations

Guidance on PCF In-Situ Return 2022

April 2022

Further to the Notice of Intention issued in September 2021, the Central Bank of Ireland is:

  • Splitting the existing PCF-2 Non-executive director into PCF-2A Non-executive director and PCF2-B Independent non-executive director (under the ‘General’ category);
  • Amending the titles of the roles which relate to the chairing of a board or committee i.e. PCF-3 – PCF-7 (under the ‘General’ category);
  • Expanding PCF-16 Branch Manager of branches in other EEA countries to include branch managers in non-EEA countries (under the ‘General’ category);
  • Removing PCF-31 Head of Investment (under the ‘Investment Firms’ category); and
  • Removing the existing PCF-15 Head of Compliance with responsibility for Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Legislation and introducing PCF-52 Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Compliance (under the ‘General’ category).

Read the related Feedback Statement and the Amending Regulations published on 5th April 2022.

September 2021

Notice of Intention - Amendments to the List of Pre-Approval Controlled Functions (PCFs) | pdf 664 KB

June 2021

Fitness and Probity Interview Guide | pdf 937 KB

November 2020

Dear CEO Letter - Thematic Inspections of Compliance with Obligations under the Fitness and Probity Regime | pdf 157 KB

October 2020

Further to the Notice of Intention issued in February 2020, the Central Bank of Ireland is:

  • Introduced:   
    • Chief Information Officer (under the ‘General’ category)
    • Head of Material Business Line (under the ‘Banking’ category)
    • Head of Market Risk (under the ‘Banking’ category)
  • Split PCF-39 Designated Person into six PCF roles aligned to the specific managerial functions.

Read the related Frequently Asked Questions and the Amending Regulations 2020 published on 9 October 2020.

Additions to the List of Pre-approval Controlled Functions - October 2020 | pdf 891 KB

February 2020

Notice of Intention - Additions to the list of PCFs February 2020 | pdf 862 KB

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