Administrative Sanctions and the Transparency Directive

The Transparency (Directive 2004/109/EC) Regulations, 2007 provide powers for the Central Bank to impose administrative sanctions for prescribed contraventions as defined by the Transparency (Directive 2004/109/EC) Regulations, 2007. 

Appointment of Assessor(s)

Where the Central Bank has reason to suspect that a prescribed contravention of the Regulations, Part 2 of the Central Bank (Investment Market Conduct) Rules 2019 or any other provision of transparency law is being or has been committed, the Central Bank may appoint one or more assessors.

The assessor(s) will decide if the prescribed contravention is being or has been committed and determine the appropriate sanction(s) to be imposed.

Resolution by Agreement

Prior to an assessment being made, the Central Bank may enter into a written agreement with the subject of the assessment to resolve the matter.