Our Research Agenda

Our research agenda reflects our full mandate and aligns with the key themes of our Strategic Plan.

Research help us to be future-focused by anticipating and responding to changes in the economy and financial system. To do so, we are increasingly moving beyond conventional analytical techniques and datasets to help answer new questions or approach existing research topics in a new way. This transformational approach can help us to improve the effectiveness of our work and reaffirm ourselves as an intelligence-led organisation. 

Our research agenda provides the focus of our research and aims to strike a balance between building our expertise on existing issues of interest, and maintaining flexibility to react to new issues that emerge. We also cover areas where we have ongoing research projects and where will we seek to expand our analysis. 

Research Themes

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Our research agenda is structured around four headline themes:

1. The small open economy

The small and open nature of the Irish economy yields unique areas of research to further our understanding of the sensitivity of the domestic economy and financial system to external developments. This research informs our economic commentary and supports policy decisions to enhance the resilience of the Irish economy.

Find out more about our small open economy theme.

2. The evolving financial system

Ireland has a large, diverse and internationally-connected financial sector. The financial system has been evolving at a rapid pace, with a growing role for non-bank financial intermediaries. Our research analyses the evolution of links between the real economy and the financial system, and the impact on consumers. It also identifies key risks and vulnerabilities, in particular tail risks that have the potential to undermine financial stability, which underpins our policy decisions.

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3. New horizons

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, digitalisation, an aging population and inequality are just some of the challenges that require a radical rethink of how our economy and financial system functions. Our research aims to take a more medium-term focus to assess the implications of these changes and consider potential public policy responses.

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4. Central bank frameworks

Central Bank of Ireland contributes to the setting of euro area monetary policy and is responsible for Irish macroprudential policy, financial regulation, supervision and consumer protection. Our research seeks to inform our policy design and assess the effectiveness of our policy frameworks to ensure we fulfil our mandate.  

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We endeavour to be at the forefront of thinking across these areas through strong collaboration with external researchers in universities/institutions and our Eurosystem colleagues.

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