Research Publications

Research Technical Papers

Our Research Technical Papers series contains original high-quality research that is academically rigorous and is suitable for publication in well-regarded external peer-reviewed economics and finance journals. These papers aim to promote discussion and comments prior to journal submission. 

Economic Letters

Our Economic Letters series, aimed at general readership, provides economic and financial analysis and insight into policy-related issues, data or new indicators.

Financial Stability Notes

Improving our understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities facing the Irish and European financial system is a core component of the Central Bank’s mandate. Financial Stability Notes are papers authored by Central Bank of Ireland staff which aim to contribute to this understanding.

Academic Journals

Our researchers also publish their work in well-regarded, peer-reviewed Academic Journals. The peer review process is a valuable opportunity to ensure research stands up to external scrutiny and is a key element of evidence-based policymaking.    

Research Bulletin

Our Research Bulletin provides an annual overview of economic research conducted by Central Bank of Ireland staff. Non-technical summaries of research technical papers and a publication list of economic letters are provided. The research bulletin also includes publications by Central Bank staff in academic journals and books, and details on external speakers who have presented at the Central Bank.

Quarterly Bulletin Signed Articles

Quarterly Bulletin Signed Articles comprise thematic analyses linked to the Central Bank’s Strategy and research agenda that are considered to be of general interest for understanding the functioning of the Irish economy, its international environment and related the economic policy issues. QB Signed Articles are published alongside the Quarterly Bulletin in March, June, September and December.

All research products have an editorial board or were subject to peer review. However, this material reflects the authors’ views and not necessarily those of Central Bank of Ireland.