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Money and Banking Statistics

The Money and Banking Statistics contain data on the liabilities and assets of within-the-State offices of credit institutions. These data are further broken down by institutional sector, residency of counterparties, and by the type and maturity of the main asset (loans, holdings of securities) and liability instruments (deposits, securities issued) of interest. Detailed statistics are available on developments in Irish mortgage, consumer and deposit markets.

Statistical Release

Money and Banking Statistics April 2024 | pdf 1304 KB

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Additional Information

Money and Banking Statistics Explanatory Notes | pdf 1007 KB Credit Institutions Resident in the Republic of Ireland | pdf 326 KB

 Irish Private Sector Credit and Deposits Heat Map


Notes: ICPFs = insurance corporations and pension funds, OFIs = other financial intermediaries

Where relative growth rates are above their long-run mean, the series are colour-coded red, while those below the long-run mean are colour-coded blue. A darker shade corresponds to the value lying further from the long-run average of the individual series.