Locational and Consolidated Banking Statistics

The Central Bank of Ireland as a member of the Bank for International Settlements reports International Banking Statistics on a quarterly basis. These two datasets provide information on Locational and Consolidated Banking Statistics for BIS member countries resident banking offices.

Locational Banking Statistics

Locational Banking Statistics contains data on the total positions, both claims (assets) and liabilities, of all reporting banks, by geography, currency and sector. The basic organising principle underlying these statistics is the residence of the reporting banking office. This conforms to Balance of Payments and  External Debt statistical methodology.

The Irish reporting population under these statistics includes all banks resident (excluding Credit Unions) in Ireland. Reporting institutions report the data in respect of their resident offices only.

Irish resident Credit institutions report on their Locational Banking Statistics in the Credit Institutions Return (CRS2)

The latest available data Locational Banking Statistics data for Ireland can be accessed on the BIS Locational banking statistics page.

Consolidated Banking Statistics

The Consolidated Banking Statistics detail developments in the exposure of headquartered credit institutions to non-residents, by counterpart country and sector on an ultimate risk basis i.e. according to the country and sector where the ultimate guarantor of the risk resides.

The Consolidated Banking Statistics distinguish between types of claims based on the location of the banking office that books or records the position. Total positions on counterparties residing in a given country are defined as the sum of cross-border and local positions. Reporting institutions provide a full counterparty country breakdown for foreign claims. In conjunction with the counterparty-country breakdown, reporting institutions provide a counterparty-sector breakdown of their claims.

Irish resident Credit institutions report on their Consolidated Banking Statistics in the Maturity and Sectoral Return (MTS)

The latest available data Consolidated Banking Statistics data for Ireland can be accessed on the BIS Consolidated banking statistics page.

Income Statement Statistics

The Income Statement Statistics provide consistent and annualised data on the aggregate Profit & Loss Account of all the reporting banks resident in Ireland, including Account Fees & Charges, Wages & Salaries and other items of income and expenditure. This was discontinued from publication in 2020.

Income Statement Statistics Q4 2018 | pdf 826 KB Table L.4 - Income Statement of Banking Offices Resident in Ireland | xls 4638 KB