Investment Funds

Comprehensive information is collected and published, quarterly on all Irish-resident investment funds. The main dataset details stock and transactions, with information on the scale, composition, geographical and sectoral exposures of funds’ assets and liabilities. An accompanying press release outlines the main developments in the funds sector based on the latest quarterly data. Funds data are transmitted to the Central Statistics Office and the European Central Bank to feed into Irish and euro area balance of payments and national accounts statistics. The data are also a key input into the measurement of shadow banking based on Financial Stability Board definitions.
A second dataset was launched in May 2018, providing more detailed geographical breakdown of issues and redemptions of the fund share/units of all Irish resident investment funds, by fund type.

Statistical Release

Information Release Investment Fund Statistics - 2023Q1 | pdf 347 KB

Related Data Sets

ie-investment-funds-data | xls 2309 KB Fund Issues and Redemptions by Geography | xls 31 KB