Schedule of Activities (Saturday 27 May to Friday 2 June 2023)

Saturday 27 May

Activity: Panel: Governor Makhlouf at 29th Dubrovnik Economic Conference: Fiscal and Monetary Policies in times of inflation

Time: 14:30 CEST
Media Contact: Elaine Scanlon  087 213631

Tuesday 30 May

Activity: Speech: Director Gerry Cross at Blockchain Ireland Week   

Time: 11:00
Media Contact: Elaine Scanlon 087 2136313

Activity: Statistics: Investment Funds Statistics March 2023    

Time: 11:00
Media Contact: Feargal Rooney 086 1365030

Activity: Event: EU50 Coin launch

Time: 17:00
Details: Press releas; social media posts
Media Contact: Martin Grant 086 0787868

Wednesday 31 May

Activity: Meeting: Financial Industry Forum Innovation Sub-Group 

Time: 10:00
Media Contact: : Martin Grant 086 0787868

Activity: Statistics: Money and Banking Statistics, April 2023 

Time: 11:00
Details: Publication to website; social media posts
Media Contact: Feargal Rooney 086 1365030

Activity: Statistics: Money Market Funds, April 2023

Time: 11:00
Details: Publication to website
Media Contact: Feargal Rooney 086 1365030

Thursday 1 June

Activity: Governor Gabriel Makhlouf and Deputy Governor Derville Rowland outreach visit to Co. Mayo 

Media Contact: Elaine Scanlon 087 2136313

Activity: Speech: Director Gerry Cross at Institute of Directors event - The Individual Accountability Framework: What it Means for Directors 

Time: 08:50
Details: Publication to website; social media posts
Media Contact: Ewan Kelly 086 1587094

Last modified: 26/05/2023

Note:The weekly schedule is for information and planning purposes only and is subject to change. All media queries can be sent to the media relations team via email [email protected].