Schedule of Activities (8 - 12 March 2021)

Monday 8 March

Publication: Annual Demographic Report 

Tuesday 9 March

Statistics: Official External Reserves: February 2021 

Appearance at Oireachtas Committee on Finance, Expenditure on Reform, and Taoiseach – Deputy Governor Ed Sibley and Director General, Derville Rowland 

Wednesday 10 March

Statistics: Retail Interest Rate Statistics: January 2021 

Statistics : Insurance Corporation Statistics: Q4 2020

Thursday 11 March

Statistics: SME and Large Enterprise Credit and Deposits: Q4 2020 

Publication: Commission minutes of 12 January meeting

Friday 12 March

Statistics: Special Purpose Entities (SPE) 


This notice is for your information only and is provided as an aid for planning purposes. Our schedule is subject to change and events may not proceed as outlined.