Amendments Processing for (Re)insurance Undertakings

The Central Bank of Ireland plays a role in assessing any proposed amendments to an undertaking's approved business model, and in processing changes to master data held on our systems.  This section highlights the changes that may be required in the normal course of business. 

The Request Changes outlined below are processed exclusively via the Central Bank of Ireland Portal.

A small number of these Request Changes are straightforward and do not require any accompanying documentation (these changes are marked with an asterisk in the list below).

The other Request Changes are subject to supervisory scrutiny and require the submission of accompanying documents and/or additional information. If you are unclear about the process for a particular change, or the supporting documentation that should accompany your request, please discuss this with your regular supervisory contact.

Request Changes

Insurance Undertakings must use the Central Bank of Ireland Portal for the following data change requests:

  • Change of Accounting Date*
  • Change of Address*
  • Change of Auditor*
  • Change of Legal Advisor*
  • Change of Legal Name
  • Extension of Insurance Classes
  • Acquiring Transaction Notifications
  • Branch Application submissions
  • Change of Business Plan
  • Portfolio Transfers
  • Revocation of Insurance Authorisation
  • Internal Model Approvals (Full or Partial
  • Approval of Ancillary Own Funds
  • Approval of Basic Own Funds
  • Approval of Matching Adjustment
  • Approval of Transitional Risk Free Rate
  • Approval of Transitional Technical Provisions
  • Approval of Undertaking Specific Parameters
  • Approval of Volatility Adjustment
  • Derogation from Corporate Governance Requirements
  • Derogation from the Domestic Actuarial Regime
  • Waiver - Group ORSA
  • Waiver - Group SFCR
  • Waiver - SFCR

Material Change of Business

Please note that prior to submitting this checklist, the firm should contact the Supervision Team to discuss the proposed change of business. If the firm is, or should reasonably be, in any doubt regarding the materiality of any change(s), the matter should be discussed with the supervision team at this stage.

Checklist for Completing and Submitting a Change of Business Notification | pdf 305 KB