Supervisory Disclosures


In order to foster a uniform level of transparency and accountability, and to ensure that the information disclosed in accordance with Regulation 31 (1) of SI 485 of 2015 is easily accessible and comparable, it is necessary to provide for common rules regarding the structure and format of the disclosure of certain information by supervisory authorities. The Commission Implementing Regulation 2015/2451 requires the disclosure of specific information by the Bank under the headings listed below - see below. Prior year results have been updated for the latest information available.

Section 1: Laws, Regulations, Administrative Rules & General Guidance

Section 2: The Supervisory Review Process

PRISM Explained | pdf 705 KB The Supervisory Review Process | pdf 543 KB

Section 3: Aggregate Statistical Data

Aggregated Statistical Data 2022 Template A | pdf 196 KB Aggregate Statistical Data 2022 Template B | pdf 298 KB Aggregate Statistical Data 2023 Templates C and D | pdf 692 KB

Section 4: Exercise of Options

Information regarding the exercise of national options | pdf 286 KB

Section 5: Supervisory Objectives, Main Functions & Activities

Overview of Insurance Directorate & its Supervisory Objectives | pdf 600 KB

Section 6: Aggregate Insurance Quantitative Reporting Templates

Aggregate Insurance QRTs 2018 | pdf 895 KB