Template Emails, Letters and Procedures  

The following links contain the templates, letters and procedures referred to in Annex 4 of the Prospectus Handbook. Debt Submission Template | xls 469 KB For information on how to complete the Debt Submission Template please see the Procedures secions below. New Submission Template Email | doc 46 KB Redraft Submission Template Email | doc 45 KB Approval Submission Template Email | doc 47 KB

The above mentioned template emails should, until otherwise directed, be used for Equity and Closed-Ended Investment Fund submissions and should be directed to prospectus@centralbank.ie.

Passport requests in respect of these submission types should reflect the provisions of Sections 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 of the Prospectus Handbook and should be detailed in the body of the submission email.

All passport requests should be directed to prospectus@centralbank.ie

The Equity, Closed Ended Investment Fund Submission and Article 8 Filings Templates will be available shortly. Please note that “Closed Ended Investment Fund” refers to “collective investment undertakings of the closed end type.”

Transfer of Approval Template Letter | doc 42 KB Article 8 Submission Email | docx 21 KB Final Terms Submission Form | xlsx 153 KB Since 20 September 2016, the Central Bank requires the submission of Final Terms by means of a secure web based system, the Online Reporting System (ONR). 

For information on how to submit Final Terms via ONR, please see below. If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact finalterms@centralbank.ie.


Guidance on Submitting a Debt Submission Template | pdf 688 KB Q&A - Submission of New Debt Submission Template | pdf 652 KB How to Submit Final Terms Submission Form | pdf 1734 KB


Prospectus Regulation (EC) No 809/2004 Annexes I to XXX Checklists
The Checklists Contents document contains links to the Prospectus Regulation (EC) No 809/2004 Annexes I to XXX Checklists as referred to in Annex 5 of the Prospectus Handbook.

In the event of any difference or discrepancy between the content of the Checklists and the Prospectus Regulation (EC) No 809/2004 (as amended) (the “Prospectus Regulation”), the provisions of the Prospectus Regulation will prevail.