Securities Holdings and Issue Statistics

Securities Holdings Statistics

Statistics on holdings of securities across resident institutional sectors are published by the Central Bank of Ireland on a quarterly basis. These statistics show the trends in the market value of holdings (stock) at each quarter-end and cover debt securities, quoted shares and investment fund shares/units. This dataset provides information on the holdings of all sectors – including Irish households – by counterparty (issuer) country and sector and the currency of denomination.

For further detail, please read our latest statistical release here:

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Securities Issues Statistics

The Securities Issues Statistics (SIS) for Ireland provide a sectoral breakdown of all securities issuances of equity or debt by Irish resident entities. Data is published on a monthly basis and shows the trends in total issuance (stock) and transactions (flow.) Debt data is further broken down to short-term (under one year until maturity) and long-term (over one year until maturity). Both debt and equity are split into issuances denominated in euro and those denominated in non-euro. For non-euro amounts, values are reported in their euro equivalent amount using the appropriate exchange rate for the period. Values are derived for ISIN coded securities only.[1]

From December 2020, the Securities Issues data is published using data obtained via the ECBs Centralised Securities Database (CSDB). The CSDB Securities Issues Statistics (CSEC) is a harmonised approach that covers all 27 EU Member States and follows international standards for aggregated statistics found here. This is an advancement from the previous SIS process where aggregates were compiled nationally and submitted to the ECB through each National Central Bank. The compilation of each series in the CSEC uses a bottom-up approach and is aggregated from the most granular ISIN level data. A factsheet on the CSEC data can be accessed via this link.

While the CSEC is a continuation of the SIS data, differences, especially around valuations are used in compilation of the data. The CSEC debt totals are reported using three valuation types, (Face, Nominal and Market), whereas SIS data used only face value for debt securities.  Market value is used for equities in both datasets. The definitions for these valuation types and full note of the main methodological differences can be found in the notes tab of the tables.

The CSEC data can be filtered by country and sector of issuer, instrument type, coupon type, maturity and currency (Euro/NonEuro). Due to the new methodology and implementation of an interactive data quality management system (iDQM) the timeliness of the data has been brought forward allowing for the publication for provisional data at T+12 ( i.e., 12 working days after the end of the previous month).

An ISIN is a unique 12 digit identifier used to identify a specific security.  

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