Securities Holdings and Issue Statistics

Securities Holdings Statistics

Statistics on holdings of securities across resident institutional sectors are published by the Central Bank of Ireland on a quarterly basis. These statistics show the trends in the market value of holdings (stock) at each quarter-end and cover debt securities, quoted shares and investment fund shares/units. This dataset provides information on the holdings of all sectors – including Irish households – by counterparty (issuer) country and sector and the currency of denomination.

For further detail, please read our latest statistical release here:

2022 Q1 Securities Holdings Statistics | pdf 327 KB Securities Holdings Statistics | xls 11523 KB Securities Holdings Statistics Explanatory Notes | pdf 489 KB

Securities Issues Statistics

Statistics on the issuance of securities across resident institutional sectors, including Government, are published by the Central Bank on a monthly basis. These statistics show the trends in the amount outstanding for securities issued (stock), financial transactions (flow) and growth rates. The dataset covers bonds (debt securities) and equities. This dataset further differentiates between short and long-term debt securities and by coupon type.

***Please Note*** The manner in which Securities Issues Statistics are compiled is changing.  A new harmonised system that will cover all 27 EU member states. The Central Bank of Ireland will publish statistics in this new format from August 2022. To facilitate this changeover, updated SIS will not be published in July 2022, but will resume in August.  For more information, please see the fact sheet at the following link . Please also note that SIS data for Ireland is available on the SDW at the following link . If you have any queries or require preliminary data for July, please contact [email protected].

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