Requirements, PCF Assessment and Ongoing Compliance for Regulated Financial Service Providers

The Fitness and Probity Regime places obligations on Regulated Firms in relation to the ongoing application of the Standards of Fitness and Probity and in terms of seeking Central Bank pre-approval for individuals who are proposed to take up a PCF.

Due to certain variations in the regulatory requirements and PCF assessment process for different sectors, details of regulation, PCF authorisation and assessment have been categorised by sector. For each sector, information is available to assist Regulated Firms and individuals performing CFs and PCFs to comply with their Fitness and Probity obligations:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Roles subject to the Fitness & Probity Regime and Minimum Competency Code
  • Statutory codes and guidance documents.

The sections below also include details about the PCF assessment process, including details on how to complete an Individual Questionnaire (IQ) and submit it to the Central Bank, as well as details of ongoing compliance requirements.

For more details relating to your specific sector, click on the relevant section below.

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This content covers Requirements, PCF Assessment and Ongoing Compliance for the sectors listed below. Click here to find information for other sectors.

  • Bureaux de Change
  • Credit Institutions
  • Credit Servicing Firms
  • Electronic Money Institutions (including Small Electronic Money Institutions)
  • Fund Service Providers
  • Funds
  • Home Reversion Firms
  • Insurance/Reinsurance Undertakings
  • Investment Firms (MiFID)
  • Money Transmission Businesses
  • Moneylenders
  • Payment Institutions (including Account Information Service Providers)
  • Regulated Markets
  • Retail Credit Firms
  • Section 10 Investment Firms (IIA)
  • Section 26 Investment Firms (IIA)