Forms for Payment Institutions 

Forms relevant to Payment Institutions are listed below:

PI EMI Outsourcing Notification Form | doc 191 KB PI EMI Domestic Agent Notification Form | doc 192 KB PI EMI Branch Notification Form | doc 174 KB Application Form for Authorisation as a Payment Institution | doc 346 KB Application for Registration as an Account Information Service Provider | doc 325 KB Passport Agent Notification Form | doc 179 KB Notification Form for the Exchange of Information in relation to Branch Passport Applications by Payment Institutions and E-Money Institutions | docx 182 KB Passport Freedom to Provide Services Notification Form | doc 187 KB PI/EMI Qualifying Holding Notification Form | doc 255 KB

An Individual Questionnaire ('IQ') must be completed in respect of each person proposing to hold a Pre-approval Controlled Function (PCF) in an payments institutions.  Please note that the Central Bank of Ireland's Fitness and Probity regime came into effect on 1 December 2011. 

Please refer to the Guidance on the PSD2 Specific Requirements for applicants seeking approval for a PCF role in a Payment Institution or Electronic Money Institution.

Error Notification Template | doc 25 KB Capital Contribution Agreement | doc 62 KB