Notification of Delay in Disclosure of Inside Information

Article 17 of MAR requires an issuer or an emission allowance market participant who has delayed the disclosure of inside information to the public to inform the Central Bank of Ireland that disclosure of the information was delayed and to provide a written explanation of how the conditions set out under Article 17(4) of MAR were met.

Template - Notification of delay in disclosure | docx 30 KB

Such information, specified in the Implementing Regulation, must be sent to the Central Bank through the Portal.

Access to the Portal

Existing Portal user

If your firm has existing access to the Portal, you can either:

  1. Submit a ‘Request Change’ to Add the MAR Return Type.

This will create a Request to add the MAR Return Type to your Portal account.

  1. Request access to the MAR Return from your Portal Administrator.

If you are the Portal Administrator you can grant yourself permissions via the Portal Administrator - Manage Users menu on the Portal.

New Portal

If your firm is new to the Central Bank Portal, new Portal Users must Register Here. The designated Portal Administrator for the firm should also register and obtain a Person Code.

Once you have registered for the Portal, you will need to e-mail [email protected] with subject title marked 'Request for Central Bank Portal Access' and provide the following information:

  1. The full name of the firm
  2. Name of the designated Portal Administrator for the firm
  3. Person Code of the designated Portal Administrator
  4. Contact Details of the Portal Administrator (e-mail and telephone number)

You will then be provided a C-Code for the firm and your Portal Access will be in place.