Submission of Insider List

Article 18 of the MAR requires issuers or any person acting on their behalf or on their account, to draw up a list of all persons having access to inside information, working for them under a contract of employment or otherwise. Insider lists must be made available to the Central Bank as soon as possible upon request.

The submission of the above information to the Central Bank must be made using the ONR. The ONR is a secure electronic submission system established by the Central Bank of Ireland for the purpose of receiving confidential supervisory information and meets the requisite characteristics for receiving the information required to be submitted under MAR.

Access to the Online Reporting System

Issuers who already use the ONR will need to request access to the MAR submissions section of the ONR. To request access, please call 01 2244545 or e-mail [email protected] with subject line marked 'Issuer - Request for ONR Access'.

For issuers who do not already have access to the ONR, please e-mail [email protected] with subject line marked 'Issuer - Request for ONR Access' containing the below listed information:

  • Name of issuer
  • Name of individual who will be responsible for ONR submissions
  • Contact details of individual (e-mail and telephone number)

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be issued with an identification code, Login Name and Password.


For a copy of a template for a 'deal-specific' or 'event-based' insider list, see here.

For a copy of a template for a 'permanent insider section' of an insider list, see here.

Submissions of insider lists and any accompanying documentation must be made through the ONR portal here