Submission of a Suspicious Transaction and Order Report

Applicable from 3 July 2016

Article 16 of MAR requires market operators, investment firms that operate a trading venue and persons professionally arranging or executing transactions, to report suspicious orders and transactions to the Central Bank without delay.

Such submission must be made on a Suspicious Transaction and Order Report (‘STOR’).

Suspicious Transaction and Order Report (STOR) - Template | docx 35 KB Suspicious Transaction and Order Report (STOR) - Form | docx 31 KB

STORs must be submitted to the Central Bank through its online reporting system (‘ONR’).

Access to the ONR

If your firm already uses the ONR, you will need to request access to the MAR submissions section of the ONR. Please contact 01 2244545 or e-mail [email protected] with subject line marked 'STOR - Request for ONR Access'.

If your firm does not have access to the ONR, please e-mail [email protected] with subject title marked 'STOR - Request for ONR Access' containing the below listed information:

  • Name of Firm
  • Name of individual who will be responsible for ONR submissions
  • Contact details of individual (e-mail and telephone number)

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be issued with an identification code, Login Name and Password.

Completed STORs can be submitted through the ONR portal.