How to Attend an Inquiry Hearing held in Public

The Central Bank of Ireland is issuing this information notice to assist members of the public and the media who may wish to attend public hearings in an Administrative Sanctions Procedure Inquiry (an "ASP Inquiry").

Types of Hearing

Generally, there are two types of hearing in ASP Inquiries – Inquiry Management Meetings and substantive Hearings. Inquiry Management Meetings are held to assist in the timely and efficient running of an ASP Inquiry and deal with procedural issues. Substantive Hearings may include the making of oral legal argument and in some cases, witnesses may give evidence.

Remote Hearings

In light of current Government advice in relation to Covid-19, some public hearings may take place on a remote basis. This means that they will take place by audio conference or video conference call. Members of the public and media may attend remote hearings taking place in public. Please contact for login details for any scheduled hearing. See the Protocol on Remote Hearings for information on what to expect when attending a remote hearing. Places are limited and login details will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Physical Hearings

When a hearing is due to take place in public, a notice will be published on the Central Bank's website advising of the time, date and location of the hearing. The public and the media can attend these hearings and will be located in a public gallery within the hearing room or adjacent to it.

The Inquiry Members are responsible for conducting the Inquiry. From time to time they may need to sit in private and this can occur at short notice. When this happens, the public and media will be asked to leave.

Where appropriate, a notice of a hearing which is to take place in private will be published on the Central Bank's website.

Attending a Physical Hearing

There is limited seating available at the hearing venue and access will be on a first come, first served basis. A queue management system will be in place.

Anyone who attends a hearing will be required to comply with Central Bank security procedures, to ensure compliance with Health and Safety and Fire Safety requirements. The relevant procedures apply when entering the hearing venue and while attending a hearing. Please note that CCTV is in operation throughout the hearing venue.

Members of the public and media are requested to conduct themselves as quietly as possible within the venue where the hearing is being held.

Please be seated in the allocated area at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the hearing in order to avoid disturbance to the hearing. Please note due to Central Bank security procedures members of the public and media should allocate sufficient time to ensure they can meet these requirements.

Attendees are requested to remain silent while the hearing is underway, and are reminded that mobile telephones and other electronic devices should be silenced. The taking of photographs or recording by any means is prohibited within the hearing room and anywhere else within the hearing venue.

If it is necessary to enter or leave while the hearing is underway, please do so as quietly as possible.

From time to time it may be necessary for the Inquiry Members to rise to consider an issue. The Chairperson will announce that this is happening and, where appropriate, the time at which the hearing will restart. During any such breaks, other than for lunch, attendees should remain seated unless otherwise advised.

Hearings will stop for lunch for approximately one hour and the Chairperson will announce when the hearing is to start in the afternoon. During lunch breaks the hearing room/public seating areas must be vacated by all attendees and will be re-opened 15 minutes in advance of the afternoon session.

Attendees may be required to leave the hearing room and/or the hearing venue at any time and for any reason including:

  • Disruption of the hearing
  • Taking photographs/recording
  • Failing to heed instructions from Central Bank staff or security personnel.

At no time should attendees approach the Inquiry Members.

Central Bank staff will be available to assist with any query about administrative arrangements.

Press and Media

For media queries please contact Media Relations at: