Central Bank of Ireland joins MAPS to support its treasury and financial market operations

27 October 2022 Press Release

Central Bank of Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland today (27 October) announces its decision to collaborate with Market Activities Processing System (MAPS) as the global solution to support its treasury and financial market operations. This includes portfolio management, reserves management and FX transactions, as well as its risk management and accounting treatment. 

MAPS is the Treasury Management System for Central Banks provided by Banque de France and Banco de España. MAPS manages a wide range of financial instruments, spanning front and back-office, risk management, accounting and financial reporting functions. It is based on a technical platform and tailor-made solutions to cope with central banks’ business needs. As a global offer, MAPS provides a preconfigured solution based on Adenza software (formerly Calypso) and a full set of hosting and running services as well as implementation, training and migration services for new joiners.

MAPS has been in operation since November 2016 serving first Banque de France and Banco de España, then Central Bank of Cyprus since February 2020 and more recently Central Bank of the Netherlands since June 2022. MAPS will soon serve the Central Bank of Malta as well. 

The entry of the Central Bank of Ireland expands further the MAPS user community of EU central banks, and reinforces MAPS as a genuine common treasury management solution aligned with ESCB guidelines. 

MAPS is open to all members of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).

Visit here for more information on MAPS for ESCB’s Central Banks.